Who are we?
We are international headhunters, with Anglo Dutch roots, and more than 30 years of professional experience.

We operate in all branches and industries; you could say our specialism is people.

We value tolerance, independence and modesty combined with hard work, ambition and fun. We have an aversion to the nonessential and are frank and direct.

What do we believe?
We believe that being successful professionally takes more than having just the right ‘hard’ skill set. It requires being able to navigate and understand the complexity of people’s behavior and motivational preferences and the effect this has on each other whilst interacting together. Call it your social intelligence level.

At Hunter Loohout we know that people are different and it is in the recognition of this diversity where our approach and methods are different and innovative.

We also believe that you can only be successful at ATTRACTING the right people, when you are also successful at RETAINING people. We only work with, and for people and companies who share this opinion.

But most of all, we know this is about you and the challenges you face.

So it is not about how many offices or employees we have or telling you how successful we are. How could we know what to tell you as we have not asked you what you find important when working with a headhunter or what you define as criteria for success?