7 Commitments to our client and candidates

Your Vacancy
We will take care to understand the combination of attitude, experience and skill required for success in your organisation by working with you to challenge the existing assumptions and conventions about the role.  We know how to isolate the success factors that predict top performance and we will ensure that these factors become central when we search and shortlist and filter candidates.

Your Company Brand
We will help you to describe your company in ways that appear both authentic and attractive to potential suitable candidates. We have a creative and engaging discovery process that will enable us together to articulate what your company has to offer candidates – in other words – your company “brand”.  We know the three vital components that candidates look for when making a career move.  We will use the output from this session to best represent you when finding and briefing suitable candidates.

Your Company Culture
We will work with you using the latest proven and diagnostic tools and processes to map your company’s culture – the language and behaviour of your colleagues and teams.  We know that your ‘brand’ will attract people but it’s your ‘culture’ that is a determining factor in how long people stay and how quickly they become productive.

Our Relationship with Clients and Candidates
Our focus is “You” not “Us”.
We will go to great lengths to understand you – client and candidate. We want to earn the right to be regarded as your trusted advisor.  We have a Charter that unites the way all Hunter Loohout consultants think and behave. We are proud to stand behind every word, as this is our ‘brand’.

We will do the right thing – always. No compromise.  We promise never to approach our clients’ existing employees to fulfill other clients’ job vacancies.  We promise never to approach candidates we have placed with one client to fulfill the needs of another clients’ vacancies.

We treat all information concerning our clients and candidates as strictly confidential by default.  We will never reference our work with one client to another client unless we have written permission to do so.  We will not promote case studies or success testimonials on our website or elsewhere unless we have written permission from our clients. Your data is safe with us.  Using secure cloud-computing CRM systems to unite all of our international offices and consultants ensures that all of our activities with you are up to date whilst maintaining the highest level of data security.

Peace of Mind
We will guarantee all candidate placements and mutually agree the guarantee period with each client before we embark on a contract.  The reason we do not offer a “fixed for all” guarantee period is that each placement and situation is unique to each client.